Accounting services:

  • Development of accounting policies and preparation of individual charts.
  • Establishment of primary documents - invoices, notices to invoices, records, contracts, orders and reports on business trips, travel lists, orders for budget and credit transfers, cash income and expense orders.
  • Maintenance of records: Customers, Suppliers, material availability, inventory, bank accounts concern the currency, personnel, accountable persons, VAT statements, insurance statements, statements by insurers and others. according to the specific needs of management.
  • Submitting VAT declarations;
  • VIES declarations;
  • INTRASTAT декларации;
  • INTRASTAT declarations;
  • VAT refund
  • Preparing reports for receivables and payables.
  • Preparation of the payment documents for taxes, fees and insurances;
  • Preparing and submitting Annual Financial Reports and Annual Tax Declarations.
  • Principal representation before the Tax Authorities.

Employment services:

  • Preparation of employment contracts, additional agreements, preparation of the required package of documents for retirement and termination of contracts for employment;
  • Maintaining full records of all staff on the payroll as well as the records of all temporary staff in the company;
  • Preparation of paying payroll salary, publishing and completion of work books, completion of insurance licenses;
  • Develop and maintain staff personal files.;
  • Issuance of necessary documents upon termination of employment - Order for termination of employment, official notice of income, lowered - 2 and a Certificate of income for the preceding six months.;
  • Completion of documents required for payment of cash benefits and grants from National Social Security Fund.

VAT registration:

  • Preparing all the documents and reports for the VAT registration of the company;
  • Principal representation before the Tax Authorities.

Annual Financial reports:

  • Preparation of Annual Tax Declaration and its submission into the registers of National Revenue Agency;
  • Preparation and submission of the Official Annual financial reports, report forms and filling in of tax returns according Bulgarian Accounting Standards, Bulgarian tax legislation and IFRS.
  • Accounting reconciliation;
  • Presentation of the Annual reports in front of the legal authorities – National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute and the Trade Register.

Tax protection:

  • Representation of the company at inspections and audits - of the tax administration, or other authorities;
  • Solving of questions and issues.

Accounting services (subscription):

  • Accounting services;
  • Employment services;
  • VAT registration;
  • Annual Financial reports;
  • Tax protection.

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